2020 O'Flaherty Instructor Concerts

The 2020 O'Flaherty Online retreat concerts can be found at the link below. Please note, if you are a student of the retreat you likely DO NOT need to purchase a subscription to watch. It will be provided by the retreat. 

2020 O'Flaherty Online Retreat Instructor Concerts

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Welcome to Irish Music Concert Videos. We have live professional video recordings of some of the best Irish Traditional Music in the world.

All the videos on this site require a subscription to view. For just $30, you get one year of access to over 50 hours of concert music videos. All proceeds go to supporting the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat. 

You can buy the Video Subscription by clicking the button below, or clicking Subscribe after selecting a video. 

TIMES Irish Music Concerts

The Dallas based Traditional Irish Music Society has been hosting concerts with international caliber Irish folk musicians for over a decade. Most have been through our annual O'Flaherty Irish Music retreat in October each year, but others are smaller house concerts that we offer through the year.  In the last several years, we have begun to film those concerts along with professionally mixed audio and provide them for viewing online. It is our hope we can help preserve the legacy of these great musicians while also give people access to them that might not normally be able to view them.

Most of our concerts are offered as a live stream in real time so they may be watched from your TV, computer, or phone from anywhere in the world. We also save those recordings and offer them for viewing after the fact. 

To access the concerts we have a very affordable subscription based program to help cover some of the cost of the video/audio production and online hosting. Charging to view the concerts also helps protect our artists who earn a living hosting paid concerts. The subscription is $30 per year to cover all the concerts we have available.

Please enjoy! And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our webmaster at Tim@erinshoreprod.com 

The Traditional Irish Music Education Society