2021 O'Flaherty Instructor Concert

The Instructor Concerts for the 2021 O'Flaherty Retreat were live streamed on the dates and times listed below. Watching the replay of the live streams requires purchasing a pass. They are either $10 (plus transaction charges) for a single concert (click on the individual concert to purchase on the day of the event), or $30 (plus transaction charges) for an All Access Pass that provides all concerts on this website for 1 year.  You can buy the all access pass in the link below.

Return to this page to watch the concert and log in with your All-Access Pass credentials to view. 

    Friday October 22, 2021 @7pm

    Friday October 22, 2021 @7pm

    Friday, Oct. 22nd 

    • Group 1 – Dave Curley, Shane Farrell and Maggie Graham 
    • Group 2 – Randal Bays, Florence Fahy and Evan Powell (guest pianist)



    Saturday October 23, 2021 @ 7pm

    Saturday October 23, 2021 @ 7pm

    Saturday, Oct. 23rd 

    • Group 1 – Caitlin Warbelow, Seán Gavin, Jacob McCauley and Chris Ranney (guest pianist) 
    • Group 2 – Michael Black and Marla Fibish 
    • Group 3 – Laura Feddersen and John Whelan
    Sunday October 24 2021 @ 7pm

    Sunday October 24 2021 @ 7pm

    Sunday, Oct. 24th 

    • Group 1 – Kara Doyle and Alex Boatright 
    • Group 2 – Seán Cleland, Eamon O’Leary and Cillian Vallely 
    • Group 3 – All instructors perform together.  We’ll end with our tradition of singing of “Safe Home” led by Tommy and Saundra O’Sullivan via video.